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Corus Entertainment Inc. is a Canadian multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate company headquartered at the Corus Quay in Toronto, Ontario. Formed in 1999 as a spin-off from Shaw Communications, it is headquartered at Corus Quay in Toronto, Ontario, and has prominent holdings in the radio, publishing, and television industries.

A social media manager at the company says, "The management team at Corus is arrogant, unapproachable, and threatened by up and coming talent. They'll bad talk other employees and managers and aren't great at taking accountability. The career development will be on your own shoulders - but be careful because ambition is only encouraged within your present role. They'll conduct Glint surveys to read the present environment and note opportunities for improvement - but they won't implement positive change. The management team abuses their power - bullying employees with snarky remarks and inappropriate comments (sexual harassment included). The management could use some people and communication training! Raises are pretty much non-existent. They'll make false promises or be blunt and state you won't be making a livable wage (they'll make excuses that the company has no money - but truly they don't invest in or respect their talent)."


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HR Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The experience you get will greatly depending on the team you join. The marketing teams definitely seem to have fun but otherwise, its basically a prison. Managers who fake it till they make it and dump all the work on their team. Absolutely no support from leaders. Extremely toxic with no recognition for hard work. People walk all over each other and hold information from each other on the same team.Cool looking work placevery low pay, no support from managers, no team culture or collaboration"

On Air. (Current Employee) says

"Like all broadcasting outlets this one continues the slave driven culture of worker bees were you can be replaced as fast as you can be fired. Management doesn't care about anything other than making money and doing whatever it takes to keep their high paying jobs and looking good to ownership and continually makes you feel like you are unimportant - except for the success of the company finances. Long hours, high demands, being called on at any time to show up at work with an inference that if you do not your job could be at stake, low pay, no job security, a constant flow of people being fired and new people showing up with high hopes that they will make a difference which they never do as they just become bitter and disinterested like everyone else.Free water.Worker bee culture. No appreciation. Zero job security. Low pay."

Producer (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this for 3 years it was a completely toxic environment. My bosses were the sleaziest, unethical people I have ever met. My advice to anyone is to beware of these horrible bosses.NoneEverything"

PRODUCER / EDITOR (Former Employee) says

"Don't work for Corus! Run away if you care about your mental health. Management is horrible and morale is the lowest ever. I worked there for over 7 years and the last 2 were just horrible."

admin (Current Employee) says

"Difficult environment to work in , lots of clicks, feels like high school. Low salary. Everyone walks on eggshells wondering who will be next to be let go.loved what I dono appreciation"

Internship (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to intern, gave you nothing to do but made it out like you would be doing big things. Enviroment was hostile, found the female staff to be very disrespectful especially when theyd complain about “male locker room talk” and yet they would do the same.NoneWhere Do I start?"

Concerned Employee (Current Employee) says

"This is my own opinion and doesn't relate to Corus as a whole. I've often witnessed coworkers openly bad-mouthing people, especially in the marketing/design department. Managers and higher ups in multiple departments are included. Favoritism is a huge thing as well. If someone is liked more then you, expect them to get the perks first. I've also seen people putting someone down to raise their preferred person up. I've talked to people who have stayed super late, not because of them not getting work done but because they are purposely being overloaded so they would leave. I've worked here for many years now, but it hasn't been getting better. If strong politics is your thing then right now maybe this place is the place for you. I'm only placing this here because I really hope the work environment will change and I really want to help people who might be to nervous to reach out. To late for myself though, I'm planning on leaving very shortly."

Board Operator / Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Originals or people with creativity shouldn't consider working here, they value people who won't question them. Big bosses only care about keeping the stations barley alive, long enough for them to retire. I was working 18 hour days, and sometimes only got 2 hours of sleep between shifts. You're told if you work hard and cross train in different departments, eventually they'll promote you. This is a bald faced lie, they just need people to work long hard hours so they can spend the majority of the year on vacation. My limited time off outside of work was filled with answering useless emails and phone calls from the people here that have nothing better to do all day. I got close to 20 emails before 10 am on a daily basis. There are some fantastic people, especially in Engineering, but outside of that it's basically like being back in High School. I'm FINALLY free!Donut ThursdaysPoor management, no advancement, bad pay, long hours, no respect, high school clicks, tons of emails"

Promotion Intern (Former Employee) says

"I was an intern before they were getting paid. I was one of the few girls on the team and it was super obvious I wasn't the favorite. A really male-dominated environment with little to no chance of me bonding with my bosses. Also on my first day of work a stranger kissed me and my boss did nothing."

National Sales Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great workplace culture, the people I worked with were fun to be around and was the main reason I enjoyed working there. Management needs to learn how to properly manage with consistent strategy, not favouritism."

News Reporter (Former Employee) says

"If you're just starting our in the news business, Corus is a fine place to learn to the ropes. However, limited advancement opportunities and low wages are the norm, and if you're looking to get ahead in your career, you're better off looking elsewhere."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Though the company was going through a corporate transition, employee morale was shaken due to job insecurity. However, colleagues were pleasant to work with under positive and negative periods.Friendly employeesUnrealistic expectations"

Security Guard (Supervisor) says

"very low pay, long hours, typical day at work would be sitting in front of camera screens, and doing a patrol of the building every other hour"

Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Pros -Pay alright for how little work you are allowed to do. Cons - Have to fill out tickets to accomplish basic tasks because there is a lack of trust or just plain apathy with their employees. - Takes a long time to complete said tickets or tickets only half done/incorrectly leaving users frustrated. - Little to no access or permissions leaving staff feeling powerless, dejected, and disenfranchised. - Definitely, suffer from "Toronto is the centre of the Universe" complex."

Street Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Inflexible hours. Had to work certain days no matter what. Potential to move up if you went to school, but you’ll irk management by doing so. Not worth it. Free ticketsDead end"

Community Cruise Reporter (Former Employee) says

"I was treated like an intern and expected to work for free . When l expressed my displeasure with this arrangement , my dedication and commitment were called into question. Senior members of staff informed me l was inadvertently taking money from their pockets as a result of the volunteer work / voice tracking l had been performing . I was not encouraged or mentored I"

production (Former Employee) says

"Corus Entertainment was once a strong independent voice in Canadian media. Then it was merged with Shaw. They dropped the "Entertainment" from their name if that's any indication. Now their prime product is ET Canada and Global News and any sense of creativity is gone. Radio budgets are slashed, talent just shuffles off to different markets, rebranding over substance they do not pay for independent contractors such as photographers who provide media on their sites. middle management does what they can to hang on to Shaw's coattails, producing mediocre content, accepting service work (taking content from third parties) and simply editing it, instead of creating anything new, or that won't sell toys sad"

Producer (Current Employee) says

"At Corus/Global News Toronto the employees were great. Energetic, polite, and an enjoyment to be around. The management doesn’t have a clue what they are doing. Entry level employees steering the ship is not such a good idea"

Publicity Intern (Former Employee) says

"Working at Corus was not for me. The PR team is divided by portfolios. One good thing is that there is a lot of teamwork and meetings, but ultimately not much space to break outside the 'norm' box and be too creative.Free tea and snacks, lots of fun planning press eventsLocation, lack of creativity, slow rate on feedback"

Board Operator (Former Employee) says

"Obvious favouritism towards certain employees. the job I applied for and the tasks I was given were not the same. was a toxic environment. Party culture"

Chord Cutter says

"Their Stack TV service is garbage. They have a channel that’s haphazardly stapled onto Prime, and offers an incomplete catalogue for a limited time. The Adult Swim offerings are terrible. A brand with the amount of content in their library as Adult Swim shouldn’t be restricted to specific seasons, and rush a viewer to finish things before they disappear. That’s not very “On Demand”, like streaming services are. Conventional cable is dead." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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